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    Where is the stork?

    Up to one in six couples do not manage to get pregnant within a year, which is sometimes due to a problem with their eggs. In some cases, donor eggs are the only solution. Donor eggs or egg donation: A great help!

    • Are you between 21 and 35 years old and in good health?
    • Have you thought about donating some of your eggs?
    • Would you like to give infertile couples the chance to experience the joy of having children?

    Then take that step. Donate some of your eggs and bring happiness. What you are doing is quite a feat. You will donate no less than a miracle to an infertile couple. Feel free to browse this website; which has plenty of information about: • the reasons for egg donation or donating eggs, • how to donate eggs, what is involved, • which conditions you have to meet as a candidate-donor, • who qualifies as a candidate-recipient, • the difference between anonymous donation and known donation, • the donor programs, • the egg donation procedure itself, • the associated rights and obligations, • and also some information about compensation.

    I hope I’ve made someone else happy.