You can donate eggs in different ways. In short, egg donation means a choice between an anonymous donation and a known donation.

• If you choose anonymous donation, you as the donor will not know the recipient.
• In the case of known donation, you as the donor do know the recipient.

Below you will find a summary of these two donor programs:

Anonymous donation

  • Via voluntary, anonymous donation

    A donor voluntarily donates her eggs. The eggs are freshly donated and fertilised with genetic material of the partner of the recipient(s). Given the high demand for donor eggs, the prospective parents (egg recipient + partner), often end up on a waiting list.

    As an anonymous donor, you will receive an expense reimbursement.

  • Via exchange donation

    The recipient introduces you as a donor, and you will donate anonymously to other prospective parents on the waiting list. The more diverse the donor profiles available, the more accurately the eggs can be matched with the recipients. As an exchange donor, you do not receive an expense reimbursement and the costs of the donation must be covered by the prospective recipient who introduces you. In exchange for the referral this recipient is placed at the top of the waiting list.

Known donation

In this case, you as the donor will voluntarily donate your eggs to one specific recipient. This is a well-considered decision and commitment. Under the guidance of a psychologist, you will decide together what what to tell the child and when.