The reason why egg donation is necessary is because one in six couples don’t manage to get pregnant within a year, sometimes due to a problem with their eggs.

The quantity and quality of eggs can be negatively affected by:

  • early menopause,
  • medical treatments,
  • genetic conditions,
  • and, finally, age

1 in 6 couples don’t manage to get pregnant within a year.


Why egg donation?

One solution is donor eggs but, unfortunately, there is a shortage of egg donors. In particular eggs of non-Caucasian origin are in high demand. Moreover, couples relying on donor eggs often need more than one attempt to get pregnant.

• Are you thinking of donating your eggs?
• Perhaps you have a female relation or friend who cannot get pregnant because they no longer have eggs of sufficient quality and their story has struck a chord with you.
• Or you are willing to help others to experience the joy of parenthood as well.

As an egg donor, you can give couples one of the building blocks they require to fulfil their desire to have children. You donate a little miracle, and that is definitely something you can be proud of.


Valuable medical check-up

Egg donation is accompanied by a thorough medical check-up, which is, of course, also of value to you. It will give you further insight into your own fertility – from your egg reserve to your hormonal system, your thyroid, kidneys, and much more. Would you like to have children of your own? Don’t worry, donating your eggs will not affect your own fertility.