You can opt for anonymous or known donation. In the case of anonymous donation, the donor and recipient do not know each another. In the case of known donation, they do know each other. Below you will find a more detailed description of these two types of donation:

Anonymous donation

  • Via the egg bank
    A donor voluntarily donates her eggs, which are frozen for potential recipients. Given the high demand for donor eggs, recipients often end up on a waiting list.


  • Via exchange donation
    The recipient presents a donor, who donates her eggs anonymously to the egg bank. This new donor guarantees that the egg bank is further populated. The more diverse the donor profiles in the egg bank, the more accurately the eggs can be matched with the recipients.

Known donation

In this case, the donor voluntarily donates her eggs to one specific recipient. This creates a life-long bond between the two, who need to jointly decide what to tell the child(ren) conceived and when.