You have carefully considered becoming an egg donor and you have decided you want to go for it. What can you expect next? At the start of the screening process, the egg donation coordinator will give you a questionnaire to be completed. Then you will be invited for a consultation with the physician and you will undergo a set of preliminary tests.

If you are eligible to become an egg donor, you will have a meeting with the coordinator, who will explain the procedure and take care of all practical matters. This coordinator will remain your contact person throughout the entire process. To get in touch with the coordinator kindly visit the section ‘Contact’ of this website.

Time to kick off the process! After hormone treatment, your eggs will be retrieved through a ovarian puncture. For more detailed information on this procedure, have a look at this page.

Once you have donated your eggs, you will be invited for a follow-up meeting with the coordinator, who will ask you to share your experience. How did it go? Are you considering donating your eggs again? This is the ideal moment to look back at your incredible gesture and why not, plan to do it all over again.